Insights on design, technology, photography & the tangible / intangible world around us.


The state of interactive design tools in 2018

It’s a whole new ballgame on the creative front with more tools and programs for interactive design than ever before. My thoughts on what’s out there, what makes sense and what no longer does.

Travel / Places

Return to Burning Man

No sooner than I arrived back from Burning Man 2016, the next one was already upon me. Success, failure, tales and stories from the playa during the 2017 edition.


My best and worst photography purchases

In photography, it’s terribly easy to get carried away with acquiring camera gear. A small list of items I’d buy twice, ones that I’m still on the fence on and the rest where I could have appropriated my funds more wisely.


Taking hamburger menus off the plate

Typically perceived as a convention for interfaces, hamburger menus often sidestep design and usability problems rather than challenge them. The alternatives to hamburger menus…and when they might be appropriate to use.


Reclaiming tangibility: the rediscovery of physical media

Lately there’s been a renewed interest in physical media like film and music, but I think there’s more to it than a fad or subculture movement. Exploring what people are looking to reclaim from an analog renaissance in a saturated digital market.


Design without constraints isn’t realistic

Creatives removed from limitations only end up being limited themselves. The smartest solutions are born from confinement: why the constraints of a project should be embraced.

Travel / Places

The Lake of the Ozarks: Then and now

Missouri’s destination for fun and sun, the most interesting part of Lake Ozarks lies below the water. A past, present and future of the Lake.


Should web designers use theme templates?

Theme templates aren’t always the most cost-effective option when designing websites. The pros and cons of website themes: when to consider them…and when NOT to.


The legend of the design unicorn

Some companies think they’re myth, while others seek the legend. Why unicorns need to stay in fairy tales, and the story that multifaceted creatives should be telling instead.

Travel / Places

The Japanese Festival at Missouri Botanical Garden

The most interesting things in town need not be so secret and hidden: visit the Missouri Botanical Garden during the Labor Day Holiday and experience the happenings of the annual Japanese Festival.


Through the looking glass: a brief guide to camera lenses

Lenses are one of the most important pieces of equipment in your camera bag and can significantly change the perspective, feel and mood of your photographs. A primer and overview of Canon lenses with my favorites and recommendations.


My experience with switching to Capture One Pro 9

Abandoned by Apple and frustrated with Adobe, Phase One’s offering has been increasingly seductive to digital photographers seeking an alternative. But is Capture One Pro 9 worth making the switch? I give it the ol’ college try and find out.


So you want to be a designer

The true rewards of being a designer aren’t what you might expect. Ignore the career colleges…it’s time for a reality check.


Photographing balloon glows

The Fourth of July isn’t the only event that lights up the night sky. Pack up the car, grab your camera and let’s head to a balloon glow!


Lenses: Why you can’t zoom with your feet

Some photographers argue that you should use a fixed lens and “zoom with your feet” rather than invest in a telephoto / zoom lens. But there is a flaw to the concept that it’s evangelists are leaving out.


What’s in a good camera?

Being told that your camera takes good pictures is a common cliche, but so is being told that it’s the photographer and not the camera. Let’s discuss what a quality camera in able hands can allow a photographer to do.