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The new WordPress editor Gutenberg: what it means for you

WordPress 5.0 has introduced a new editor called Gutenberg, and users are flipping out at the sudden change. What the new editor is, why it’s actually needed, and examining what WordPress could have done better with it’s release. (I promise everything will be okay.)


The state of interactive design tools in 2018

It’s a whole new ballgame on the creative front with more tools and programs for interactive design than ever before. My thoughts on what’s out there, what makes sense and what no longer does.


Taking hamburger menus off the plate

Typically perceived as a convention for interfaces, hamburger menus often sidestep design and usability problems rather than challenge them. The alternatives to hamburger menus…and when they might be appropriate to use.


Reclaiming tangibility: the rediscovery of physical media

Lately there’s been a renewed interest in physical media like film and music, but I think there’s more to it than a fad or subculture movement. Exploring what people are looking to reclaim from an analog renaissance in a saturated digital market.


Design without constraints isn’t realistic

Creatives removed from limitations only end up being limited themselves. The smartest solutions are born from confinement: why the constraints of a project should be embraced.


Should web designers use theme templates?

Theme templates aren’t always the most cost-effective option when designing websites. The pros and cons of website themes: when to consider them…and when NOT to.


The legend of the design unicorn

Some companies think they’re myth, while others seek the legend. Why unicorns need to stay in fairy tales, and the story that multifaceted creatives should be telling instead.


So you want to be a designer

The true rewards of being a designer aren’t what you might expect. Ignore the career colleges…it’s time for a reality check.